About OJ All Day


Third Annual OJ All Day Festival

A Community Celebration of Independent Music
Washes Up at the Brooklyn Lyceum

OJ All Day is a special time in New York City. Like when the elephants from the circus walk through Manhattan. Or when the tree is lit in Rockefeller Center. Or when the public pools open. Or when the marathon stops traffic. OJ All Day is a time for celebrating unstoppable music. And it's a time for drawing on the power of an unusual musical community that comes together to put on an all-out two-day celebration of independent artists. From the endearingly lusty Purple Organ to the animal-oriented Urban Barnyard and the irrepressibly expressive Schwervon!--to name just a few--OJ All Day features nearly 40 groups and performers connected to Olive Juice Music, a hub for D.I.Y. artists in New York.

Now in its third year, OJ All Day is bigger and better than ever in its new location at The Brooklyn Lyceum, a former community bath house, which will host multiple stages and events (including a clothing swap, craft sale, and an all night debauched dance party). The Festival starts Friday night with a black-tie kick-off then picks up again Saturday afternoon and stretches late until who-knows-when.

This unstoppable music of OJ All Day exists almost completely outside of conventional reason. This music doesn't listen to economic doom, or chronic naysayers or any other insightful drags, smug smartypants or petty know-it-alls. OJ All Day is your ritual, summertime, baptismal, naked, cleansing musical community get together. Try and stop us. Better yet, come and join us.