Brook Pridemore

Brook Pridemore will perform at OJ All Day 2nd Stage Friday June 19, 7:30pm


My name is Brook Pridemore. I live in Brooklyn, NY. I have been singing songs for as long as I can remember, but traveling around and playing songs in front of audiences since 2004. My set at OJ All Day 2009 happens to fall on my 30th Birthday, which is the age at which I promised my family I'd give up music for a "real" job. I have no intention of keeping that promise.

I am currently in the midst of a three-month tour in support of A Brighter Light, my fourth album of original material for Crafty Records. I am tired, and I am afraid I will never get the taste of refried beans out of my mouth, but I am alive and happy.

I hope to see you soon.