Ching Chong Song

Ching Chong Song will perform at OJ All Day Main Stage Friday June 19, 11:00pm

WANT OUR Electronic Press Kit? View Ching Chong Song's EPK A Brooklyn based ukulele,saw/piano duo (sometimes playing with Susan Hwang, Lis King, Johnny Dydo and Geoff Larson) who have been together 3 years, Ching Chong Song writes songs that are lyrically and musically at once dark, serious, brooding and funny. In non-apologetic cabaret fashion they candidly address the audience both with assertive, melodic singing and non-conventional instrumentation. Coming up from the underground to play at prestigious clubs on tour in the US and Europe, they are happy to the core to be called "a true New York oddity."
Everything is for the Babies: April 2009 Little Naked Gay Adventure: November '07 What's The Matter? Doom. Doom. Doom: September '07 Live at the (Stone) Church of Lurch: December '06 Never Rrong: September '06. EMAIL: