Elastic No No Band

Elastic No No Band will perform at OJ All Day Main Stage Saturday June 20, 4:00pm

Elastic No-No Band plays songs about cheese fries and Klaus Kinski and manboobs. They play songs about love and sex and pain and stuff. Sometimes they take themselves seriously, but usually they don't. Sometimes Elastic No-No Band has 5 members, but sometimes it only has 1.

Elastic No-No Band used to only sound folky, but their style has branched out to include elements of '50s rock, classic country, and more recently, a smidgen of punk and hard rock.

This summer, Elastic No-No Band will release their third album, a 2-CD set called FUSTERCLUCK!!!, which includes collaborations with the likes of Toby Goodshank, Debe Dalton, Dave End, Brook Pridemore, Thomas Patrick Maguire, and many more!

Website - http://www.elasticnonoband.com
Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/elasticnonoband
Blog with streaming audio and mp3 downloads about ENB's last album -http://my3addictions.blogspot.com