Lady Bright

Lady Bright will perform at OJ All Day Main Stage Saturday June 20, 3:00pm

Lady Bright is a three piece rock n' roll combo with some things in common with other bands and some things totally different. In 2007, Dylan Pasture sought with mixed results to evade peanut products and collect musicians to abet his solo song writing project, Lady Bright. He was pleased to discover that his old friend Sara was willing to sit down (on her coat) in a squalid apartment and make stuff up. They made up some new stuff and repurposed some old stuff. Stuff begat stuff and they soon sought phat beats. Yoko appeared in a dazzling blaze of mutual friends and e-mailing. Suddenly, she became a terribly accurate and inventive drummer. She just decided to be one and then she was. It was suspicious how quickly this happened. It was like THAT. No, not that. That. It was like ZAP. It was like BORT. If they hadn't known better, they might have suspected she was running some kind of grift. Sara, Dylan and Yoko have been playing together since August 2008.

Please get in touch to have us play at your bar, minibar, school, wedding, locker room, cake walk, ice cream social, pajama party, sex party, pool party, fire party, film premier, dungeon, Civil War reenactment, bar/bat mitzvah, bat cave, superior vena cava, inferior vena cava, first day of kindergarten, homecoming, home running-away-from, anniversary, "Gilmore Girls" marathon, rave, ash dispersal ceremony or bris. Brises are our specialty. Our interest? Tilted creepily in your direction, bris-throwers.

Our first full-length, tentatively titled "Barefaced and Turtled Neck", is forthcoming.

xo SDY