Pablo Das

Pablo Das will perform at OJ All Day 2nd Stage Saturday June 20, 5:00pm

Written in (second?) person as if someone else who really reveres my work would write:

Pablo das used to play the Raven open stage as part of a duo called Testosterone kIlls. One time sharon (the playwrite) threw herself over the couch after being told she was being rude saying "you think THAT was rude..." He used to drink with all the legends like Ish Marquez and Grey Revelle. Once when he was the soundperson at sidewalk...he literally shut off all the power on Chris Baron. He was being a totaly tool. He once told that comedian Rick Shapiro that he was a piece of shit right in front of the entire open stage after he spent his set making fun of people with AIDS! Pablo stopped drinking fairly soon after that. Pablo is finishing a new record called "I, Samsara". He also studies Buddhist meditation and earlier today having taken an online test called "what kind of Gay are you" found that he was a "bear". He wasn't happy about this but he strives to accept himself just as he is.