Shilpa Ray And Her Happy Hookers

Shilpa Ray And Her Happy Hookers will perform at OJ All Day Main Stage Saturday June 20, 12:00am

Shilpa Ray and her Happy Hookers play grinding blues, sleazy jazz, and bracing rock with punk immediacy and pop appeal. The result? Something like a vulgar Ella Fitzgerald, channeling Nick Cave and PJ Harvey, and singing her songs before a wall of distortion and thunderous, pounding rhythms. The band reads like a who's who of recent NYC rock luminaries including members of Creaky Boards, Soft Black, Kapow!, and cult rock producers The Negatones. Live shows are already a notorious commodity -- and audiences have been screaming as loud as the band does.

They are currently riding a wave of SXSW buzz which has followed their 7 shows there and preparing for a Spring tour and a Pianos Residency in May. Their debut album, 'A Fish Hook An Open Eye' captures the band's raw and unique sound in 8 solid tracks, demonstrating depth, ability, and emotional scope, eclipsing anything from Shilpa's already lauded past. But Shilpa is not looking back: ‘A Fish Hook An Open Eye will be released this spring and then Shilpa and her band will viciously tour throughout 2009.