Sprinkle Genies

Sprinkle Genies will perform at OJ All Day Main Stage Saturday June 20, 5:00pm

Why see the Sprinkle Genies? It must be because their shallowly soul-searching jams - an unabashed conglomeration of rock, blues, strangeness and 21st Century folk-never get old. Not for their many dedicated fans, not for the casual listener, and certainly not for them. Sprinkle Genies songs stay lodged in your head for days, months, and years after the beer has been drunk and the show is over.
For a generation seeking low-key rebellion, Sprinkle Genies are the ideal outlet. Their live shows,
happening everywhere from Brooklyn to Manhattan to a medieval fire pit in the forest - are places where anything can happen. Andy Ras Vegas might throw attendee's names into the insulting lyrics of the dub-heavy "Trust Fund" and add some tongue in cheek spinal tap moves on guitar. The craziest part about this group is that after slogging it out in the underground for almost 10 years, they're ready to start their 2nd decade in similar fashion - as long as they do it together."It's effortless for all of us to get along and create together," Ananda says. "The Sprinkle Genies are like finding a soulmate. That kind of chemistry is either there or it isn't. We're like family except nothing sucks."