Steve Espinola

Steve Espinola will perform at OJ All Day 2nd Stage Saturday June 20, 4:00pm

Steve will be playing in England, Scotland and Germany this August. He's still booking venues and is highly suggestible. If you are visiting the Fest from these fine lands, please introduce yourself!

If we were tripping on peyote and walking along in the desert, and we came upon a mysterious hallucinogenic lounge right there in our path, and it was dark and glowing and strangely comfortable inside, the piano player at that lounge would be Steve Espinola. --Tony Rubin, Recording Angels

Steve Espinola is a mostly-piano-playing singer-songwriter, though he deviates. He lives in Brooklyn, NY and tends to perform in New York City. He is a home recording enthusiast, instrument maker, budding record cutter, amateur Victrola repairman, and cat worshiper. He's been writing, performing and self-releasing his music since the early 1980's, but is constantly humbled by inspired beginners.

He is recording and archiving Olive Juice-related artists live onto 78 rpm acetates and plastic picnic plates, so that music lovers in future post-electric generations may play them on hand-cranked Victrolas.

It is rumored that Steve is the subject of the Moldy Peaches’ song “Jorge Regula.” He played keyboards on the original album recording of the song, and performed as an occasional non-touring auxiliary/cameo member of the band, on keyboards and homemade 19-string Electric Tennis Racket.

A bit of a band slut, he also plays/has played/recorded with The Sprinkle Genies, Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate, Gutterball), The Teenage Prayers, Amy X. Neuburg, Biff Rose, cub/Lisa Marr, Diane Cluck, Jeffrey Lewis, Bionic Finger, The Dan Emery Mystery Band, (Ben Hume’s) The Listeners, Peter Dizozza, Sport Murphy, Jessica Kane, The Merkins (of Madison, Wisconsin), David Wechsler (of Pinataland), Tom Warnick and the World’s Fair, Lach, Dan Fishback, Dina Dean, Do (Dwight) Peterson/Science Groove, Debby Schwartz, Wadlow, Dallam Dougou/Raul Rothblatt, The Actual Feelings, Hard Love, and the Cello Wrapped Heads.

Free tracks can be downloaded at, with four homemade CD albums available nearby. Further free tracks at: His geographically-challenged duo with Alex Wolf, The Lookalikes (USA), can be found here: (They are not to be confused with the 70's-80's New Wave, Irish Lookalikes.)

By the way, Steve's mom, Peg Espinola, started writing songs a few years back, and has been upstaging him ever since. She was a second place winner of the 2007 Boston Folk Festival Songwriting Contest, and has put out a totally bitchin' and deep album. Check her out on myspace! (