Susan Hwang

Susan Hwang will perform at OJ All Day 2nd Stage Saturday June 20, 5:30pm

Susan plays accordion and write songs about zombies, books, books about zombies, parking, her mother and the Devil himself.

SUSAN HWANG has been singing the blues since her D.C. days, the only yellow member of gospel choirs since she was 13. After honing her primal yelling in hard rock band, Murderizer ( & squeezing with The Main Squeeze Orchestra, Susan now writes songs that explore the role of mundanity in modern life punctuated by inexplicable moments of terror. Her songwriting style has been described as both too dumb for smart people and too smart for dumb people. She used to have a band called Clean & Nasty ( She currently has a band called The Debutante Hour ( and also plays accordion and sings with Ching Chong Song (