The Wowz

The Wowz will perform at OJ All Day 2nd Stage Saturday June 20, 8:30pm

The WoWz are a 3-piece band from New York City. They make traditionally beautiful music (Jimmie Rodgers, the Louvin Brothers) with a modern edge (Silver Jews). They might be called antifolk or psych-folk, but really they are just a brilliant rock'n'roll combo with a name to match. They've recorded with Major Matt Mason USA (of Schwervon!), toured with Herman Dune and the Jeffrey Lewis Band, and written music with Dave Longstreth of the Dirty Projectors.

Through it all, The WoWz find themselves at the outer reaches of quirkiness. They make music with “a great deal of wit and allusion, and a deeply urban core – the Everly Brothers with a New York accent (The New Yorker).”